Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cause baby you're a firework.

There is no other time of year that I feel more proud to be an American than over the fourth of July. I'm sure this is pretty much how everyone feels because our country seems to go all out in celebrating it's independence.
Our fourth of July started on the first with the Logan fireworks. We walked up to Campus and watched them from the Hyper field while Suzy serenaded us with Katy Perry's "Firework" from her iphone speakers. After, we celebrated with drinks at Chili's. (We are becoming regulars.)
After a long day of working on the second we decided that we deserved a mini vacation, so on the morning of the third we packed up our red, white and blue clothes and 9 of us headed up to Park City. If you haven't spent a third of July in PC before I HIGHLY suggest it. When I was younger We used to always go up there and spend the night. It was so fun to include all me best friends in this little family tradition we have.
We booked 3 rooms at The Canyons and basically celebrated all day and night long.
The trip included gondola rides, swimming in the pool, 5$ tacos, an awesome free concert, dancing, late night pizza, and fireworks, of course.

After our crazy third of July we were pretty worn out so, we skipped out on the Sugarhouse fireworks show we had planned on attending, and headed back to Logan for a peaceful night of sparklers.

I hope your holiday weekend was full of as many bright lights and laughs as ours was.
God bless America.

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