Friday, August 5, 2011

heart it.

So I have this website that I am obsessed with called We Heart It. It is basically a site filled with beautiful pictures of everything you could ever think of. I love it. I use pictures from it on almost every blog post I create. I also spend a good majority of my free time scoping the site for new images to "heart". However, today, when I was at work I tried to log on to the page and was greeted with an error screen announcing that my access had been denied. Apparently the internet server for the AT&T store next to me (I use their WiFi) thinks I am trying to access the site "We Hear Tit". Ha! Why would there even be such a site?? Oh well, either way, that is my excuse as to why I don't have any lovely images for you to see on my blog today. Instead you will just have to read my boring words.

Tomorrow I am going to VEGASSSSS! For my first official time as a grown up. I'm stoked to get my dance on. I plan on bringing every outfit I own so that I can go all out. I mean, come on, half the fun of going out is getting ready!
After Vegas we are road trippin to Cali where we will meet up with my sister and her cute BF, Landon. Can you say Disneyland!?
I am thrilled! So excited that I am already dreading the trips end. I could cry thinking about summer coming to a close.
This has been one of the best summers of my life. Very different than every other one. I am an adult now, with that came some unbelievable opportunities, responsibilities and fun. I feel like I am still trying to suck up every little bit of summer I possibly can. The sun is my very best friend and I get chocked up thinking about the fact that in a month from now there could be snow on the ground. If that does happen, please feel free to shoot me.

For now, I am praying that August will go slowly. I constantly catch myself willing time to slow down. But time flies when you are having fun right?

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  1. I love that website!! I go to it all the time! You are going to love Vegas (as a grown up) it's a completely different world that's for sure. And you guys are so lucky to go to Disneyland!! Watch over my bro :)



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