Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This week:

So far this week I have:

-Given up carbs. (It only lasted about 3 hours)
-Quit my job at Journeys
-Spent a million hours on Pinterest
-Watched "The Green Mile" for the first time.
-Made some new friends
-Stopped using my inhaler!! See ya pneumonia!
-went to Burger and a Big Dog at The White Owl like an adult.
-worked my little heart out.

Tomorrow I am going to the Twilight concert! FINALLLLLLYY! I have yet to attend one all summer and it has been killing me.
LUPE! Here I come!

p.s. How do you all feel about these boots?? Personally, I love them, but everyone I ask seems to think I'm nuts. Help me blogging friends, to buy or not to buy??


  1. Get em- they look perfect for cold logan days

  2. They are so cute!! And yay for the concert...maybe I'll see you there ;)


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