Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello bloggers,

So I am currently sitting in a cute little coffee shop in Billings, Montana waiting for everyone I know in this city to be done with basketball practice. It's a lonely life. I should have brought a friend ha.

But really. Jaxon doesn't have internet or cable at his house, I forgot my book and in an attempt to find the mall I got lost. I usually have a good sense of direction but this crazy place is packed full of one way streets that never end up taking you where you intend to go. So before I got too lost I decided to just park and write.

Downtown Billings is darling by the way, it has old buildings and tall trees. It's really the only part of the city that is actually kinda pretty. No offense.

I drove by Jaxon's billboard on my way here. Seriously so weird.

I am so happy that we are actually having a fall. I dread winter more than anything in the world. More than taking a test, more than getting a shot, more than being sick. The second I get a chance to move somewhere warm I will take it. So long snow.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Fall break. If you are still in school, I'm sorry.

Only 197 more days until graduation.. but who's counting? I plan on living up every last second I spend in college but let's be honest, it will be so nice to finally leave Logan.

Anyways, thanks for reading these random ramblings. Hopefully I will have something spectacular to blog about soon. Until then, love you all!

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