Monday, October 24, 2011

Coyboys and Indians

Hello lovesss!

Ever heard of an
Indian that is allergic to horses?? Well I have..

Ladies and gentlemen, PRESENTINGGGG, the one, the only...

That can not be normal.
Jaxon was so excited for me to come visit because he had purchased us tickets to the rodeo!
I'm sure he felt like a true Montana Man when he bought those. He was so excited because he had never in his life attended a rodeo or really ever seen anything like it.
We spent an entire morning planning our cowboy attire, the night could not come quick enough.
But the moment we walked into the arena Jax knew something wasn't right.

We were only in our seats long enough to listen to the national anthem before he began sneezing and sniffling. I got up to get drinks and by the time I got back Jax was practically gasping for air. Growing up as the daughter of a doctor my first instinct was to get some sort of antihistamine. I was convinced that the paramedics would have what we needed so we set off on a wild goose chase around the arena looking for someone with a medical badge.

Apparently our problems were not as important as those of the coyboys so the only person who offered to help us was a chubby security guard who's grand idea was to sign our tickets so we could be readmitted after Jaxon got some fresh air.

I knew that was not going to do the job so I called up Jeffer,
Super Dad to the rescue!
He knew exactly what to do and thankfully he didn't take our problem as lightly as everyone else had been. We ran off to Target in search of several different medicines.

We had been advised not to go back to the rodeo after talking to my dad but our expensive, $20 tickets were burning through our pockets and we knew we had to give it one more shot.

Luckily the meds kicked in and we watched the last half hour with only some minor sniffles.

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