Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Small Things

Everything makes me happy lately.
Nothing enormous has happened but I have recently just been noticing how much I have been loving life. I think it's all the little things adding up. For example:
1. How unbelievably soft and comfortable my bed is. I honestly smile every time I get in it. Yes, I know, I blog about my bed all the time, but hey, I LOVE IT!
2. Running three miles without a side ache. I know, I know, to most of you three miles is no big deal, but like I said before I suck at working out. And yesterday, for the first time in a while I ran three miles without dying.
3. Not being all grown up. I am currently taking a class on adolescence and I keep realizing that I am on the very edge of childhood and adulthood. You would think that this tightrope walk would be scary and nerve wracking but I think I am finally over most of the stress and now I am just letting every last second of immaturity soak in for the next few years.
4. On that note, I love my teddy bear. No matter how stressful, tiring or crazy my day my be, I always have Teddy to snuggle with me when I get home. Thanks for being here for 21+ years now Teddy. Judge me.
5. Nail polish. I paint my nails daily. I love it. There is something therapeutic about getting a mini manicure.
6. My cute boyfriend who calls me every hour on the hour to give me silly little updates about his life since we are living in different states. I am very excited to go visit him again next week.
7. Being involved. Last year I slacked in this area so at the start of new classes I set my mind on being more involved on campus. I have met so many awesome new people this year through Special Olympics, Best Buddies, PRSSA Conf. board, my major, Aggie games and my lovely job. Constantly being busy is making senior year a lot more fun! Plus my resume will look a little more full.
8. Drinking tea. As always I am still drinking a few glasses of tea a day. It really helps in the freezing cold rain we have been having around here lately.

Anyways, I wish you all a lovely day. God bless!

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