Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Close

{I am most likely writing this post because I should be studying... That's probably what triggered the idea for this post, the fact that I can't wait to not have to study anymore.}

I have exactly 193 more days until graduation.


Yes, after all the nerves, chills, highs and lows I have officially submitted my grad. packet and am ready to throw my cap in the air come May.

Tonight I sat around with some of my best friends and talked about where we might be a year from now. Although the reality is probably quite dull, the thought of our possibilities being endless is so exciting. I am so eager and ready to move away, see the world and do everything possible to live an exciting life.

I'm sure this is the dream of most every person in my same position in life right now. Let's be honest, what 21 year old, college senior hopes and prays for a cubical job?

And I am sure that most of you are reading this, shaking your head and thinking..."Yeah, dream big, hunny." But I figure, hey! why not? I highly doubt anyone got anywhere great in life without doing a little daydreaming and wishing.

Plus I have 193 days to live my college life up to its fullest.

Anyways, back to studying, I guess I have to be sure I actually pass before I can graduate. Minor details right?

I am definitely writing this on my cap when I graduate. Judge me.

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