Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update

Oh what a wonderful weekend.

Our party was a huge success. That is until the cops came. At 12:45. LAMEEE.
But it was okay. I ended up driving to Salt Lake at 3:30 in the morn. I'm crrrazy.
I spent all of Sunday morning sleeping. Hey, it was a late night!

Sunday was full of shopping with my sissy. Typical. And then a beautiful wedding for cute Carly and Brian. aka Mr.and Mrs. Orr. Horray!
Their wedding was a riot. Shout out to those two for knowing how to throw a party.
Between the 90's party and their wedding I'm pretty sure I burned my calories for the week in dancing.

{The Beautiful Bride}

{Dancin' with Jordyn}

{The Handsome Groom}

Our pictures turned out pretty awesome if I do say so.
Love was in the air.

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