Monday, November 14, 2011


In case you didn't know I have a best friend.
Caroline {Franny} Reale

This is how are conversations go:

Caroline: Something big in my life happened today,
do you care?

Annie: What what what!!!?? I care!

Caroline: I got a permanent retainer!
No more nightly retain!!

Annie: Yesssssss!!! Best day ever! Are you lovin it?

Annie: Can I blog about it?



  1. this is hilarious - and story of my life...i swear i've started to think of life in terms of what i can blog about .. a slight problem? maybe :)

    and how do you know sarahjane? because it might be through blogging but i didn't think she was into the whole blogging community and you were the top link on her blog and i got here and was like "wait - i've already read this post"

  2. oh I am totally the same way.
    haha she and I went to high school together! Thanks for reading my blog. How do you know her? Small world right?


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