Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homie Home Evening

I have the most wonderful friends in the whole world.
If you don't believe me just come spend one night with us, you will never want to leave.
At the end of the summer we made a promise to live up every last second of senior year and make sure we have a college experience we won't forget. So far we have done an incredible job.
This is how our week typically goes:

Monday- At 12:30 we all go to the gym. We don't necessarily do the same things, but it really is more fun when you don't have to work out alone.
Monday nights are "Homie Home Evening", this s not meant to offend anyone, it's just kinda a play on words. We get in pairs and take turns cooking dinner for everyone and then we spend the rest of night either playing games or jamming. Yes, we have band practice as often as we can. My group of friends has 2 extremely talented musicians in it. With their help we all play our own little instruments and sing aloud for hours and hours.

{tonight we also drew names for our secret Santas and planned our White Elephant party. I can't wait.}

Tuesday- Burger and a Big Dog. Every Tuesday night we go to the White Owl for their B&BD special. I don't think we have missed it once since about June.

Wednesday- Date night!! This week we are going to see Planet of the Apes. Yes, my date lives in Montana but luckily Mason is doing the long distance thing too so we chill together.

Thursday- This is basically when the weekend begins. This week we are going to drive to Southern Utah to watch Jaxon's basketball team play! I can't wait to see him!!

Friday & Saturday- Weekend baby!

Like I said, awesome friends. You are all welcome anytime.

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  1. Love this. How fun! I love the ideas of cooking and the gym together. And homie home evening is hilarious. You're a doll.


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