Thursday, November 3, 2011

Miss Sicky

(I can't wait to say this to my grandchildren one day)

Once again I am sick.

The longer you have been reading my blog, the more you probably understand just how frequently I get sick.
My 30 day fitness challenge has been put on hold while my lungs are recovering. I am finding it hard to breathe just sitting in bed so I don't think running would be a great idea.
I have been coughing my heart out. (Yes, that is actually what it feels like). My poor roommates have had to listen to me all week. It's miserable.
Wanna know something funny? I'm actually kinda missing the gym. Weirdest thing ever.
I guess it's a good thing though.

Lately I have been a Twitter whore. (Sorry for the language). I love it. I am on it all the time. True, a lot of times I either have nothing to say or my Tweets are completely pointless but I still adore it. If you do not have a Twitter account yet you NEED one. It takes some getting used to but it really is great.

Fun fact: Senior year has been amazing. I love it so much. It seriously has been one of the best years yet. (Study abroad doesn't count of course). After four years of being here I have made some of the best friends in the world and become even closer with friends I already had.
School is awesome and growing up is pretty fun.

I have already started coming up with awesome Christmas presents for people. I really want to get a good head start on it so I don't have to worry about budgeting as strictly in December during Christmas break. Yes, I'm kinda crazy.

Time is flying by. Seriously it is already almost Thursday! Each week that passes I can't believe how fast it's going. There are only 5 more weeks left in this semester and one of those is Thanksgiving break. Only 43 more day. Insane right?

I have been in craft mood lately but I am desperately trying to save money. It's a bad combo because as fun as crafting can be, it really can add up. Plus most of the things I want to make are not things I necessarily need. It's ok though, I'm sure Pinterest has something for me up its sleeve.

I really would love some new music. Does anyone have some suggestions? I am getting really sick of my iPod. I would love some good exercise songs. And the soundtracks to Scrubs, Gossip Girl and Grays. Anyone want to loan them to me?? Thanks!

Yes, I know this blog post is completely random but I'm in a bloggin' mood.

xoxo GG

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  1. love the rambling - get better soon!


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