Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Know You're In College When:

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving Break! Yes, we got out a day before the U... my little sister is so jealous! Anyways, as I was rushing from place to place today (Tuesdays are hectic) I kept thinking of how different my life is as a college student compared to the rest of the world. So here it is, the top 20 ways to identify whether you are a college student or not. (According to me.)

You know you're in college when:

1. Your shelf in the fridge looks like this...

(mustard, cream cheese and celery... very filling!)

2. You spend your entire pay check on one car payment.

3. The highlight of your day is going to the bar.

4. You visit Walmart at 2 a.m.

5. You decide the cold weather is a good excuse to miss class.

6. You overhear conversations about global warming, labor pains, politics and scripture readings all on one bus ride. (This one pertains more to USU)

7. You wonder if you should still wear your retainer to bed at night.

8. You eat out for 90% of your meals.

9. You get jealous of the kids with parking passes.

10. You have to watch your back at the campus gym in fear that you might get eye-raped by the creeps.

11. You have more conversations with your Twitter friends than you do with your live ones.

12. You spend more time fantasizing about your future than you do focusing on getting there.

13. You realize that buying a $2 candle that smells like Christmas is as festive as you are going to get.

14. Your professors are your Facebook friends.

15. You are still asleep at 1 in the afternoon.

16. You fill up your car with $5 of gas at a time.

17. You refuse to eat at any place that does not have some kind of a deal.

18. You receive about 1 wedding invitation a day.

19. You spend a good majority of your free time planning an epic graduation party.

20. You gravitate towards the word "FREE".

I'm sure you can all relate.
Well that's all for tonight folks. Hope you learned something.

BTW, shout out to my #1 homie: Marissa Sanchez {and her new bangs}. I love this girl!
If you don't know her, meet her.

peace and love turtle dove.

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