Friday, December 2, 2011


I am officially looking for a "real" job or internship. {Most likely an internship}
It is an exciting and crazy process. I feel like I am aimlessly wandering around in a dark room trying to blindly feel my way in the right direction. I am so excited for the future and also scared to death. I keep counting down the days until graduation but I also keep realizing just how much I adore being in college. What could be better than living with all your friends, studying things you love and being surrounded by passionate, intelligent people? Time if flying by, I feel like I hardly have a second to breath anymore. Yesterday in class I was asked when the last time I was honestly bored was, I couldn't pin point a day. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I have fabulous hobbies like knitting and pinning, along with extremely entertaining and outgoing friends who keep me on my toes. I really hope I can spend my entire life being as spontaneous as I have been this year. I realize this is a pretty unrealistic expectation but I think there are lots of different levels of spontaneity.

Anyways, the point of this post is to let you all know that I am searching for employment. As of next month I am only a part time student and by summer I should have my degree. If any of you lovely readers know of any PR or event jobs that are looking to hire a lovely young lady, pleaseee let me know!
Thanks dolls.

p.s. I really want to reach 30,000 page views before the 1st of the year, so tell your friends. Thank you, thank you.

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  1. How exciting for you, Annie!
    It's going to be hard to say goodbye to those 'good ol college days' but it's going to be such a new exciting chapter and adventure!
    Are you looking in Logan or SLC? or anywhere in particular?


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