Monday, January 30, 2012


As I said before, Sundance is the best thing since green jello to happen to Utah. My weekend was packed full of films, movie stars and parties! I honestly saw some of the greatest films, I think, that have ever been to the festival. I plan on posting a full review of each of the 9 movies I saw later this week.
On Saturday I met Jaxon's cute sister Sommer at the library downtown while I was rushing off to a film. She gave me her staff tickets to the Fest Awards Party. And oh boy! It was a blast!
Emma and I headed up there after seeing the movie Ethel. (Probably my favorite of them all).
We knew the night was going to be good after I pulled out of the Wendy's drive through and was told that I now have FREE FROSTYS FOR A YEAR!!!
Yeah, pretty exciting.

The event was packed. I suck at estimating but I would say there was about 2-3,000 people there. Film makers, actors, photographers, press and staff. We felt pretty cool. Plus the party was sponsored by Grey Goose so we had free drinks :)

After mingling for awhile one of the members of the DJ's entourage came and asked me and Emma if we wanted to go on stage. Being the attention whores that we are, we obviously said yes! We spent the next two hours dancing on the stage with the DJ in front of all these potentially famous people.

We proudly danced our way through the night by making appearances on PCTV, Argentinian news and the Sundance Channel. Pictures from this event can be found here...
Yep! That's me in the pic.

I have plenty of my own shots from the night. I really should have taken more but I was too busy groovin'.

I'm so sad Sundance is already over, but I can't wait for next year!!

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