Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok ok, so I have tried to put off blogging about my FABULOUS internship because I don't want to brag about how amazing it is. But it really is.

I love it so much. I have such a great time when I am there annnnd I am learning a ton.
True, I feel a little guilty that I am cheating on PR with broadcast but lately I have discovered that I have a love for both sides of the journalism world. (No surprise).

I feel so blessed to have landed in this position and I have lots of people to thank. (Especially my cute friend Whitney- who is also technically my boss).
I am just so excited about everything going on in my life right now. My biggest fear about interning was that I would finally get out in the real world and discover that I hate it. Thank God it's the complete opposite. Also I was terrified that I would get trapped at an internship with people yelling at me and expecting me to know what the hell I'm doing. Luckily EVERYONE at ABC4 is so kind and completely willing to hold my hand and teach me everything I want to learn.
Going to the studio makes my day.

If you don't already watch The Daily Dish and Good Things Utah, you NNEEEEDDDD to start watching! Monday-Friday from 9-11 on the CW. And if you do anything cool pertaining to fashion, style or entertainment news, let me know. Maybe you could be on the show.

Happy viewing!

Oh and follow along on Facebook and the website for the Dish
and the FB and Web for GTU.


  1. yay! i'm glad you're loving your internship!! that's soooo great! :)

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