Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night

If you are not watching the Oscars right now, you should be!
I'm lovin' them.

Today I spent all day finishing The Hunger Games. And I fell in love.
It's true, I have a new fictional lover: Peeta.
I just think he is so adorable and perfect. And I am soooo excited both to start reading the second book tonight and to watch the movie next month.
(Yes. I'm behind but it's okay.)
But I am kinda sad about the verrry ending of the book.
SPOILER ALLERT: Why can't Katniss just love Peeta as much as I do??

Anyways, I'm back to the Oscars. Just had to quickly share my thoughts during the commercial break.
If you haven't seen the preview for The Hunger Games yet, here ya go:

Sorry, for some reason YouTube won't let me embed it in my post but click on the link to watch it. Can't wait!!

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