Saturday, April 7, 2012

1 More Month

I can't believe that I only have one month left of being a college student.
The nerves are starting to set in.

However, my life has been so unbelievably busy lately I have hardly had a second to worry about the future.
For the most part, all I can think about is this beautiful city that I will soon call home:

But first things first. Graduation! Today Nicole and I froze to death in the bitter cold weather and took my grad pics. They turned out so great. I can't thank her enough! Thank goodness I have such a talented friend to help document my life.

Here is a little sneak peek:

Also, BIG news... Android finally got Instagram! How long have I been waiting for this?? Ages! So naturally, I'm obsessed.
Look at this little gem I found today:

Cuties right??

One last silly little note.
Tonight I was looking through my old closet at my parents house and I found a note I had written to myself in the third grade about "the fu
ture". Look at how funny I was:


  1. Oh are too NICE!! Thank you for letting me practice my photography with you! It was easy to get good pics, you are such a babe ;) P.S. that note you wrote in third grade is HILARIOUS ha ha so adorable!

  2. Hello beautiful! Your pictures are darling! You are so cute! I'll miss you Annie! How exciting to move to New York though!

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