Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I know, I know. New York makes me suck at blogging. But can you blame me?? It's hard to get myself to sit still at a computer when there are so many fun adventures outside my apartment!!
And I have certainly had some crazy adventures.

Tomorrow I am going home. Not forever. Just for a visit. (And for my BEST FRIEND'S wedding!!!)
When I originally planned my trip to New York I had no idea how long I would last but I bought a ticket home to ensure I had "an out" just in case it wasn't the place for me. I kinda had a hunch that I wouldn't want to leave and sure enough, this city hooked me.
As excited as I am to go home and see all my wonderful family and fabulous friends, I love knowing that this is where I live now and in just a few short weeks I will be back.

My home is now New York.

I love everything about that sentence. I hope I am here for years and years to come. My decision to stay really wasn't a decision at all. I never sat down and thought long and hard about it. I simply immersed myself in the city and one day I woke up knowing I needed a lot more than just 1 summer in New York to learn everything this city has to offer me.

I am now very happily employed at 2 lovely places. This is wonderful because without my jobs, NY would not be a possibility.

So cheers to new York!! And Salt Lake! And all the places that will be "home" in the future.


  1. I'm glad you're doing well! T.S. Eliot said "Home is where one starts from," and in your case, that's NYC. Keep up the good fight and don't forget about us non-Big Apple peeps, Annie!

  2. Thanks Rob!!! I hope you are doing well!! Love the quote. SO perfect. :)

  3. Annie where is your other job?? I love creepin your blog because your life is so exciting! :)

  4. Sunnie!! Update me on your life!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a blog?? You are almost a married woman!!! Miss and love you! Will you be at Caroline's wedding?

  5. anne!!!! i'll be back in Utah in just a few days!! can't wait to see your pretty face! :) xoxo.

  6. i am so happy for you that you're loving NYC and having this adventure! living away is the best...even though we're on opposite coasts!


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