Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bachelorette 101

Wondering why I have been avoiding my blog lately? I'm obsessed with all the cute Bachelorette Party ideas on Pinterest. 
Today is Caroline's Bachelorette Party and I kinda went crazy on the crafting.
So here is a little Bachelorette/Bridesmaid 101 crafting for you:

WARNING!! Some images are slightly X rated

Bachelorette Cookies

1. Start with your basic sugar cookie dough. Roll & cut out medium sized hearts.

2. After baking and cooling the cookies take any type of icing and, after flipped the hearts upside down, paint on your choice of lingerie. 

3. Decorate with sprinkles and let dry.

Pretty cute huh??

4. If you are feeling extra creative you can use the dough to create other suggestive shapes...

Bachelorette Banner

We decided to spend the night out on the town for Caroline's Bach party but I thought we should still have a few decorations of our own, so I made a banner.

1. Cut out letters (obvi). I have my own stencils that I purchased a few years ago but you can you any di-cut or free hand it if you are really brave.

2. After cutting the letters you have to make the flags. Simply fold paper in half so that each side is equal. Be sure you make each flag large enough to fit the biggest letter in your word. 

3. Attach the letters to the flags and fold each over a string, rope or yarn. I used double sided tape to keep each one in place.

Easy right??

The other crafts are pretty self explanatory.. Here are some pics. Any questions? Just ask.

Bride-To-Be Crown

Table Center Piece

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt


I LOVE YOU Mrs. Smith!!

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