Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Best Friend Gets Married Today!

I love my bff. Caroline, I hope today is the best day of your life. 

Caroline Francis Reale {Smith} and I first became friends 4 years ago almost to the date.
Our relationship began over Facebook. Classic. We had learned that we were going to be roommates freshman year at Utah State and our excited personalities led us to contact each other through FB message. We bonded over our love of the same music, that we both had "older" boyfriends and that we happened to have matching sunglasses. 

The day we moved into the dorms I remember being so excited to finally meet caroline in person that when she arrived I ran up and gave her a hug. She probably thought I was crazy. But it didn't matter. From that day on, we were friends. 

Together we have lived in 3 different houses. Had a "long distance relationship" over Skype while I lived in England and NY. And have pretty much done everything together. 

Some of our adventures have included: being homeless together, road tripping to Colorado multiple times, a car wreck and dancing around (dressed head to toe in costume) making a music video in the local Logan Wal-Mart. We are also notorious for crashing dance parties, prank calling, sharing bunk beds and regularly getting our eye brows waxed together. 

And even if she is getting married today, we are soul mates

I love you Carlos-jiji-chives-franny-fish killer-Reale-Smith.

I will be sure to take and post plenty of pictures of the beautiful day.

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