Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

There are a few major things I was really looking forward to doing in New York when I was preparing to move here. Some of these included picnics in Central Park, watching the filming of Gossip Girl, exploring the Empire State Building etc. Last night one of those New York dreams was fulfilled. I went to Fashion's Night Out.

For those of you who don't know what FNO is, it's basically a night where all of New York celebrates the start of Fashion Week with dance parties, shopping, free champagne, all that jazz.

When I woke up yesterday morning I felt like it was Christmas Eve. Everywhere I went people were running around excited, setting up fancy equipment, and shopping for fabulous fashion week outfits. Even the bank teller at Wells Fargo told me she couldn't wait to get off work so she could go home and get dressed up.

I started the night off right with a toast to Fashion Week with Lydia as we danced around my room and got ready to go out.
We eventually headed to SOHO where we met up with Morgan and her cute friend Amber (you might know her better as Barefoot Blonde). From there we party hopped up and down and all around the island. It was such a blast, even the subways look more glamorous on FNO.

By the end of the night we were wandering around trying to decide if we should look for more parties or call it a night when we stumbled into the UGG store. Keep in mind we had just been at Bergdorf Goodman's.. talk about a change of scenery. But we saw that they had treats, a photo booth and a DJ so we went in.

Within about 10 minutes Morg, Lydia and I had completely taken over the dance floor. It was crazy. We were dragging people into the store from off the street and convincing them to dance with us. The party had started with just the 3 of us and by the end there was over 200 people dancing. It was amazing. People were filming us and flashing pictures right and left. We even had spectators watching through the windows. We felt kinda famous ha!

It was so much fun. I could have stayed there all night.

And that was my FNO for ya.
Tonight we have about 15 parties we are planning to attend (if that's even possible) AND a roof-top fashion show!!

I think it's safe to say.. I LOVE New York!

p.s. cross your fingers that I run into Victoria Beckham this week. I missed her at Bergdorf's by like 5 minutes last night :( Break my heart.

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