Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random Ramblings For Future Annie

Lately, when I can't sleep, I have found myself re-reading some of my old blog posts. It is amazing to me that I have now been blogging for 3 years! I have almost 450 posts! And, I know this blog is not read by many, but I do love knowing that there are a few of you cute readers who like to keep in touch with my life. At the very least I have a wonderful journal to look at years from now. I am already reaping the benefits of that. I think of it as my virtual time capsule.

I noticed that I haven't done a "Random Ramblings" post in a few months, and they used to be my fav. So I have decided that once a week (at least) I am going to post a new RR so in the future I can look back and trigger little memories about what I loved and hated as a 22 year old. But I am temporarily going to add a twist and throw in little details about lessons learned and observations made as a Utah girl living in BK.

"What's it like moving from Utah to Brooklyn?" That's definitely my most frequently asked question, so I have decided it's time to document my answers. Ya never know.. one day I might actually feel like a local and forget what it was like to be "the Utah girl".

Alas, here are some Random Ramblings... by Annie

1. Life here is unbelievable. I hope I never, ever forget just how lucky I am to live in this beautiful city that feels like the center of the universe. I have the world at my dispense and, as a young, naive, new grad, there is no where is the world I would rather be. Each day is filled with happiness and adventures. And I have found, that even after 4 months, I still wake up giddy with excitement to live in New York. Lately I have encountered other young people in my same position who have lost that excitement and have let the intimidation of the city overwhelm them. There is only one thing I can say to these people; You are only young once. You will most likely only live in New York one time. And you can never let yourself forget just how many people are laying in their beds at night wishing they were in your position. Although homesickness might spread occasionally, there is always an out, but it is much easier to live with a failed experience than it is to live with regret of never trying. YOLO right?? hahahahahahaha! (I can't be too deep here).

2. Happiness is a choice. And so is kindness. But lately I have come to understand that the two go hand in hand. After arriving in New York I was told that I was "far too kind to survive living in the city" what does that even mean?? How can being too kind hurt your chances of surviving in New York? I have come to find out that what this person didn't understand is that kindness can be confused with innocence. Yes, I am innocent in many ways, but I am also smart. I understand that being kind can be mistaken for trust, I do not immediately trust every person I meet. But I also don't automatically assume that everyone has bad intentions. There are ways to communicate without jumping to anger or fear. Something many New Yorkers don't seem to understand. When you are kind to others they will most likely reciprocate it. And kind interactions lead to happiness. And lots of new friends.

3. Ok, ok let's lighten up. Fun facts of the week:
                   - Yesterday at the grocery store I only purchased orange foods. No reason at all, it just ended up that way.
                  - Today I saw the president. It was fabulous.
                  - I love my jobs! All three of them. And I have wonderful bosses.
                  - I really want to start a blog called "Children Of The Subway" because everyday I see the most adorable little Brooklynites and I wish I could take them all home with me. But they have parents.
                 - UP (my home) is the greatest. It is like college part II. I have more fun hanging out with all my dorm-mates than I do when I go out. Coming home is a joy and I think I am exactly where I need to be.
                 - Last night I made a music video.
                 - I am seriously considering selling my entire closet and buying a completely new wardrobe. Fashion week killed everything I own.
                 - Today Simon and Schuster emailed me telling me all our hard work has payed off because Perks Of Being A Wallflower is the New York Times #1 best selling book! Be sure to use the hashtag #perksof if you see the movie this week
                 - Men of NY (mostly Brooklyn) are extremely creepy. If any of you girls are ever looking for an ego boost simply walk down the street in BK, you are guaranteed a good 5-10 cat calls.
                - Brooklyn feels like home.

Thank you for reading this incredibly long post. I swear I will not write another one this long for a while. You are all gems, feel free to comment or post links to your own blogs, I would love to read your own Random Ramblings.



  1. LOVE this post! Keep up the RR!

  2. annie this is darling! you have the cutest blog and i'm obsessed with it. i'm adding it to our blog list! love that you're loving NYC! xo

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