Monday, October 29, 2012

Annie & Lydia’s Hurricane Survival Guide

Lydia and I have spent the last few days scavenging for all the necessary essentials in case of an emergency. With Sandy blowing around outside we are all waiting anxiously for her touch down tonight. We have flashlights and candles on our nightstands, extra food and water in the pantry and are eagerly charging all of our electronics (we are said to lose power soon).
We woke up this morning feeling prepared until we got news that they have evacuated areas surrounding us located just a few blocks away. At that point we decided to write down all our emergency numbers. Lydia and I started talking about what things we absolutely wouldn’t leave home without in the case of an evacuation.  The first thing I shouted out was “Teddy!” and she said “my gnome!”
Hey, we know what we love.

Hope everyone is staying safe. My internet connection is horrible right now. I drafted this post on Word and took a million years to finally post it. If I don’t blog for a while you know why. But I’m safe. Love and miss you all back home. Thank you for your sweet messages and all the love you have sent to NY.


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