Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello Brooklyn

Lately I have just been too busy to blog but I feel like I am constantly thinking of posts to write about I just need more free time to get them all down. So I am going to try and jot down all the things I meant to write about earlier this week and last. 

I have this amazing job at a place called Eye-5 where I get to do a lot of promotional work, I love it. The jobs are all phenomenal, events I would die to go to on my own and I actually get paid to be there. Two weeks ago I worked at the Santigold and Diplo concert. I was a VIP hostess which basically meant I was able to watch the whole show from the VIP lounge. I was loving life. And, the event was sponsored by Cole Haan so I was gifted a free pair of the new Chelsea pumps with Nike Air technology. $450 shoes people!! 

So last weekend was a little different. You may have heard of the Barclay Center.. It's where the new Brooklyn Nets will be playing starting November 1st. Anyways, the grand opening of the venue was last Friday so I was hired to, once again, be a VIP hostess and I gladly accepted the job because I have been dying to see the stadium. Little did I know that the event they were hosting was a Jay-Z concert!! I was trying so hard to contain myself when I found that out. Jay-Z! How much more Brooklyn can ya get right? 

So the concert started and the venue was packed. This place is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. And the feeling in the arena was unlike any other. People had waited for years for this. And Brooklyn having their own team is a really big deal for the locals. Everyone was in such high spirits and it almost felt like a big happy family. Like everyone had come together to celebrate this beautiful borough they call home. 

There was one instance during the show when Jay-Z was singing Empire State Of Mind that he began to talk about his home and growing up in Marcy and how he never in a million years thought he would have a venue like this in his own hometown. And how he is now part owner of the Nets. And everyone in the arena sang along with him and cheered for their respective neighborhoods in BK and there was so much love and pride in the air I got goosebumps. And I was so happy to witness this emotional night and to realize just how passionate people are about Brooklyn. It made me love my new home so much more. I went out and bought a Nets shirt the next day haha. Sorry Jazz, I might have a new team to cheer for. 

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