Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi Blogging World!

My week with my mom was wonderful. As you can tell, I was far too busy to blog. I know I owe you a big long post detailing every moment of her visit but let's be honest, all you really want to see are the pictures right..?
And perhaps a list of our weeks activities:

. day trip to Philly
. tried my first Philly Cheesesteak
. people watched Comic Con goers
. saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway
. ate unbelievable food
. went to the top of the Rock
. shopped like our lives depended on it
. had our faces plastered on the big screen in Times Square
. saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
. met Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg)
. popped champagne 
. almost got into The Colbert Report
. golfed at the pier 
. visited Highline Park
. walked a million miles

. attended the Super Trash grand opening
. went to the Nets game
. read a great book
. joined a gym
. thrift shopped
. hung out with Aaron Carter's friend
. danced with Morgan
. went to DUMBO with James
. walked the Brooklyn Bridge
. visited Central Park 
. had a UP family dinner
. did laundry

happy monday.


  1. yay! don't you just love highline park. I'm seriously obsessed.

  2. i just love you, and cute cynth ;) looks like you 2 had so much fun!

  3. mom visits are the best! you two are the cutest XO

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