Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2012

Hi bloggies,

I know, I know, I'm the worst blogger ever. Life has been so busy. (That's my excuse always.. Oops!)
How about that election though right!!? 
I can't tell you what a wonderful night I had on Tuesday. I spent the day at the voting booth because, yes, I am now a registered New York voter. MY VOTE ACTUALLY COUNTS!!! 
After a fun dinner at our favorite brooklyn bar, we headed to a rooftop election party in Times Square. I couldn't believe how quickly they announced the results. I was freaking out!! 
We literally jumped in the elevator, ran through the streets and sprinted towards the cameras. As you all know, I am NOT camera shy. Within about 10 minutes I found my way onto CNN and ABC National News. 
The atmosphere in Times Square was incredible. So much excitement! It was everything I had been watching on TV as a little girl in Utah and suddenly it was all right in front of me, and I was part of it. I could have stayed there forever. For once in my life, I didn't even realize how cold it was outside because I had so much energy. 


And on another note... New York is currently in the middle of a blizzard. FML!!
Oh yeah, and my dad is in a horse calendar. Hahaha! What a stud!

How did you spend your election night? Do anything fun this week? Cool weekend plans, anyone?? Feel free to tell all! 


  1. 2 weeks from today we'll be in NYC!!!!

  2. You're famous! Haha love it! I want your life...the end.

  3. annie you are too cute!!! so happy we get four more years of such a great president..and i'm loving all your NYC adventures, not surprised at all that you keep making it on TV/times square billboards! xo


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