Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guess Who's In Town!

                                          {Ice skating in Central Park}That's right!! Welcome back Jaxon.  I hope you will excuse my absence from the blog while I enjoy my visitor. Hooray for life in NY!
What are your favorite date ideas? Any fun things Jaxon and I should do while he's in town? We want to hear your suggestions.  


  1. so fun that your love is in town!! enjoy every second. chase and i went there when we were dating and fell ten times more in love because it's NYC! go to a broadway, try cafe un deux trois for dessert crepes, split a fettucine alfredo at alfredo on rockefeller square, and DEFINITELY do brunch at extra virgin in greenwich! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. breakfast at the standard grille, right by the highline in the prettiest area.

  3. so glad he came to visit! new york is even more magical with your love by your side!
    trying to talk jon into taking me over christmas!
    you two= couple of the year, for sure!
    happy for you!


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