Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I Love My Job(s)

Small Girls
Today Mallory emailed me with my tasks for the day.
They included:

  • Sending "holiday happiness" to our lovely blogger friends aka Jewel Mint gift cards
  • Putting Hello Kitty stickers on post cards
  • Editing pictures of my friends for our blog
  • Posting pretty things to Instagram
  • Watching wedding videos online
  • Invite my sister to prom (Be my date Em??)
p.s go follow @smallgirlspr on instagram and "like" away! 

On Saturday I worked at a Bar Mitzvah for my staffing agency. Job description: Wear a sparkly dress and dance with the guests. Also, eat the free food and drink from the open bar. 

Yes, life in New York has been pretty good this week. 

Happy birthday to my lovely Katie Neal! Katie and I met while studying abroad in England and now are are soon to be roommates in New York. So many reasons to celebrate Katie today: Her 23rd birthday, her new "big girl" job in NY and her being my future roomie! Yay! Love you pretty lady. 

Tomorrow I will be passing out treats at the NYSE tree lighting on Wall Street (for a client). If you are in the area come say hi. 



  1. dream job(s), dream NYC the wedding video too yay!!! xox

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