Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Parents Are Cooler Than Me

Anyone that has ever met my parents can tell you that they are pretty much the coolest parents around. They are a combination of hippies / Salt Lake socialites / jocks. They are nature lovers, exercise maniacs and the most popular folks in town. Literally we can't go out in public without running into at least 10 people they know. Well read, happy, and pretty freaking cute! When I grow up I hope I am exactly like them. They are truly my best friends. I can't go a day without talking to them. I swear I call them 5 times for every one time they call me. Some of my friends prefer hanging out with them over me. It's fine. I feel the same way. Jeffey boy is coming to see me in a few weeks and I am crazy excited.  
Shout out to Jeffer and Cynthis! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!  

 photo ScreenShot2013-01-24at32822AM_zpsa179dda8.png

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