Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pink Ladies

As seen on the Small Girls blog: 

Small Girls Style: We Channel the Pink Ladies with Custom Madison Maxey Blazers!
Don’t let our name mislead you… though we started small, as our company has grown so have our girls. With a nine inch range between our heights we are definitely not a “one size fits all” crew!
Fit is extremely important when it comes to blazers, so when we decided to get matching ones for the team it was important that while identical in style, they’d also cater to our varying sizes.  
This is where Madison Maxey comes in (who we had the pleasure of meeting andworking with last November).  They made our dreams of being the Pink Ladies of the biz come true in these signature pink & black blazers created just for us! We picked our style, the color scheme, got ourselves measured, and voila.
Madison Maxey has also recently launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund their growing business- which includes keeping production onshore and diversifying into #menswear.  Watch the video to find out more about their vision and how they got started (we honestly can’t believe they’re both only 19! You go gurls!) 

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