Monday, February 25, 2013

Dad Week

 1. Times Square on the day Jeffey arrived. We stayed at The Manhattan which was perfect because we were able to walk everywhere. And boy did we. We probably walked 10 miles in two days. 

2. We took my roommates for breakfast in DUMBO and walked under the bridges. Jeffer then insisted that we all ride the carousel. We ended the day by a trip to the candy store where we bought 5 pounds of candy. It was just like being a kid again. Best day ever. 

3. Jeffer is almost as tall as Abraham Lincoln with his hat on. 

4. On his first day in town we walked from my house on the lower east side all the up to our hotel on 51st street. This is us by the flat iron building. 

5. He was so excited to see Talley's Folley. Look at that grin. 

6. Lunch at the MoMA.  Jeff became a big fan of Snapchat this trip. 
    P.S. we discovered that we have a love/hate relationship with the MoMA.  

 photo ScreenShot2013-01-24at32822AM_zpsa179dda8.png

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