Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Chives' Birthday Guys!

To the person I have more inside jokes with than anyone in the world, my soul sister and true best friend forever. I honestly don't know what I would do without my Caroline. I could cry everyday with how much I miss her. 
My Carlos, JiJi, Chives, BFF, Franny, fish murder, Roommate, Carol, Kine, Dobby, Blair, @caroline4reale, Mrs. Smith, Honey Boo Boo Child, babbbbby! If I was in Utah this is what we would do to celebrate your birth:

>> get our eyebrows waxed
>> eat sushi for lunchy
>> hang out with Eric
>> hang out with our Pita Pit friends
>> open presents with Kimmy and JJRJr
>> while we watch Teen Mom
>> then eat ribs that John John makes
>> probs make a music video
>> get YouTube famous
>> go get FroYo but not ice cream 'cause carol hates ice cream
>> toilet paper the Tool Box
>> drive around in a pontiac
>> or maybe a really old limo
>> dance ghetto in a parking lot
>> and the Logan Wal-Mart
>> then at like 3 am we would head to our bunk beds 
>> send each other Facebook videos while sitting next to each other
>> fall asleep with our Hogwarts wands in hand
>> but not before reading our separate books. Me = Nicholas Sparks. You = The Road.

The End. I hope your birthday is THAT epic. I love you Carooooooolllinaaa! 

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  1. don't worry kenzie and i got sushi and froyo with her!! and i told her she needs to go to nyc and showed her the cheap tickets site. she just needs a little bit more convincing (money..ha)

  2. Wtf??? I'm I some how apart of some inside joke I don't know about?? Miss you and happy birthday carol!

  3. hahahha Blair from Gossip Girl hahaha


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