Friday, February 1, 2013

Playboy Penthouse

As you all know I have a new apartment in Manhattan. (Sorry I keep blogging about it, I don't have much else going on). 
My extremely talented roommate Juan drew this darling picture of our crew.  So- consider this your formal introduction to the tenants of 18F. We rep LES baby!!

1. Katie and I met in England when we studied abroad. We lived in the same house (seen here) and bonded over bar crawls and American History. She moved to New York to be a radio star. Listen for her voice on 95.5 WPLJ. (It's the hot one).

2. Me i live in new york. And i love my roommates.

3. Juan is our token man of the house (meaning he carries our tokens) and the only Columbian.  He is kinda like a dad because he tucks us all in and locks the door at night. It's pretty cool.

4. Lydia is my NY BESTIE!! We are about to celebrate our sixth month anniversary as roommates. She is basically my other half. We are never apart and we like it that way. She's also a PR chick like me. Go Real Beanz!  

5. Kourtney is from Salt Lake too! We actually met through my mom ha! Thanks Cynth. She has the coolest internship of anyone. Like ever. COLBERT REPORT!!  I heart him and I heart her. 

6. Henry doesn't actually live here.. yet. But hopefully he will soon. We want a pup so bad! 

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