Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hooray for Vacay

I'm itching for a vacation. Weird I know, because life in New York kinda feels like a vacation, but I think the cold weather, and the snowstorm forecast, has me dreaming about a change of scenery. 
So this is my plan:

>> Atlantic City on March 22nd with my wonderful roommates + Jaxon and the UP crew. It's like Vegas part II but a little trashier and a lot colder. But with amazing people none the less.

>> Miami on April 25th with Lydie + her friends from Cali. We are already planning which bikinis to pack. First timers to the Florida beaches. Ready to party it up Kardashian style. 

>> Fort Collins, Colorado for the lovely Katie + Jeff's wedding on June 27th. This is probably the most anticipated vacation since our visit to Santorini for The Fab Four and our Leicester lovers. We have a group text where we literally talk all day, everyday. Let the count down begin. I can already hear the wedding bells 

>> Salt Lake City most likely in August. I am really missing home but with scheduled visits from Cynth, Em, Jeffer and Caroline in the near future, I feel like August will be alright. 

>> Chicago on September 2nd. Katie is planning a trip home for Memorial Day and I have been dying to visit Tess in her new grad school life, so we figured we should go together. I heart Chi Town. 

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