Sunday, April 14, 2013

Being Negative about New York

Life is busy. And so, I forget to blog. I'm sorry!

But life is very, very good. I am so happy that spring has sprung. Kind of
Looking back on old blog posts I realize that I almost never say anything negative about life in New York. It makes sense though, I really love it here and I feel very lucky to have the life I'm currently living. However, there is one thing about New York I absolutely can't stand! The weather. 

Katie recently read us an article discussing the weather in New York. To sum it up: 

Winter is freezing, windy and bitter. I grew up in the snow and thought surviving a New York winter would be easy but man, that damn wind. It will blow right through you no matter how many layers you pile on. It picks you up off your feet and leaves you looking a mess and ready to cry. The cold is not my friend. 
Next comes spring, it lasts exactly two days. Two beautiful, perfect, warm and lovely, sunshine-y days. And then it's gloomy and windy again. We experienced these amazing days this past week and, of course, they took place right in the middle of a busy work week where I spent a total of 20 full minutes outside during my morning commute. And now it's over :( 
Now comes rain. Rain and rain and rain and more rain. Why can't it be summer already!?
But I guess I shouldn't speak too quickly. Summer means heat and humidity. Showers 3x a day to momentarily stop sweating. Ugh!
Last is Fall. Similar to spring we have 2-3 days of changing leaves and bright colors. Then it becomes cold and grey. Winter, thats your cue. 

PS - Currently watching the MTV Movie Awards. Pretty pumped for Hunger Games II. Love that Liam. 

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