Sunday, June 2, 2013


Happy June everyone! 

June is the month I look forward to most all year. June means beach days, BBQs, and birthdays. I can't believe how quickly it came, but I am sure glad it's here. Cheers to June, the most wonderful month of them all. 

Above is a quick look at my month. 
I will give more details as the events near but it is fairly self explanatory. 
We spent this past weekend at the beach and the pool in Long Island with our Utah friends. Other than a little wind, it was perfect weather. Nothing makes me happier than soaking up the sun on a summer day. 

Final note: Just found out I get to work at FIREFLY MUSIC FESTIVAL!! In case you aren't sure why I'm excited about that, here's a look at the lineup:

>> Still freaking out a little bit.

 photo ScreenShot2013-01-24at32822AM_zpsa179dda8.png

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