Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blue York City

Life lately:

>> Working: alot. Running from one job to another and balancing my weird diet and high-maintence sleep cycle. 
(I require a lot of sleep + I'm gluten free *fun fact)

>> Nail color of the week: royal blue in matte 

>> Currently craving: sea food. But I hate cooking, so that's not happening.

>> Home: Taylor moved into my room!!!!! Yay!

>> Family: Emma comes to visit on Friday!

>> Wearing: all black. This has been a gloomy, rainy week + it's New York 

>> Watching: Game of Thrones. and I'm obsessed. Just finished season one

>> Reading: A Casual Vacancy by my girl JK Rowling

>> Wishing for: a family vacation. preferably to the beach

>> Missing: Lydia as she travels Europe without me

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