Thursday, January 9, 2014

Desk Essentials

My desk essentials were featured on the Small Girls Tumblr today. Check it out:

This week we’re continuing  to explore what the Small Girls PR team considers essentials to have at their desks. Here’s a little insight on Taylor Swift loving Account Coordinator, Annie Grace Jackson.
1. Huckleberry Hard Candy: I have a sweet tooth unlike any other. I can eat candy all day long and never be sick of it. I picked up these pretty, purple treats on my last visit to Yellowstone National Park.
2. OPI for Sephora glitter pink polish: You will never find me with unpainted nails. I switch my polish almost every other day, and being a Small Girl, pink is always appropriate.
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch + Brooklyn Charm bracelet: Hard candy meets arm candy on my desk. These are two of my favorite daily accessories. 
4. Polaroid pictures: I find a desk without pictures rather lonely. Thank goodness for my polaroid camera!
5. Red Heart Confetti from the Taylor Swift Red Tour: Let’s just call it a lucky charm that lives in my phone case at all times.
6. Target notebook: I’m a huge list maker + note taker. I’m lost without a pretty pad of paper and a good pen to record my busy thoughts.
7. Taylor Swift Cat Ears: I was gifted these by Mallory right before my 23rd birthday so I could celebrate my last days of being “22”. Are you sensing the T-Swift theme in my life?
8. Quote Cards: More happy decor to make my SG desk feel like home. 
9. Lipstick: Lipstick is my makeup of choice. The brighter and bolder the color, the more I love it. Favorite brand: Stila Matte Stain, it lasts all day and isn’t sticky. 
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  1. cutest! love the "arm candy meets hard candy" line.

  2. I LOVE those huckleberry candies! Montana huckleberry all the way!


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