Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seaport Sweethearts

We have officially been living on the Lower East Side for a year now - and one year later, it's time for another move. After weeks of searching we can finally say we have a new home. Happily signed the lease this morning. Only a week and a half left in Basketball City then we're headed down to the seaport. Just the four of us girls. I am so thrilled! All day I have found myself saying "Ah! I'm so excited!" out loud, because I just can't stop thinking it. Katie, Taylor, Lydia and I. It's going to be just like a real version of Sex and the City meets GIRLS. Now I know why so many amazing shows take place in the city. I just can't believe I'm actually living it. #blessed
Here are a few snaps from my iPhone that I took this morning. Twenty-ninth floor - it's a dream! 

And don't worry, although we are downsizing a bit, we still have plenty of room for the futon - so visitors are more than welcome! 

Happy Saturday!


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