Monday, March 10, 2014

L'Oreal Life

A few weeks ago Eye5 emailed me with information on a casting for a "high-end hair client". The job required a model with long, dark-blonde hair to allow the company to cut and color her hair. I have received inquiries like this before and ignored them, terrified of having my virgin hair dyed. 
Then I received the news that my baby sis got into a study abroad program in Paris this summer. Europe, in the summer, with my little sister... this was not a vacation I was going to miss, even if I'm kinda broke. So I thought, being bright blonde and strolling the streets of Paris might just be a possibility if this all panned out correctly. 

Hopes high, I attended a casting at the lovely L'Oreal Tech Center in midtown. I wasn't sure if my un-dyed, virgin hair would help or harm my chances of booking the job, but I went anyway. 
Not sure if it was my over-excited attitude, or if they just really pitied my long, stringy locks, but I booked the job! I was shaking with excitement. 

So, last Monday morning I kissed my natural color goodbye and embraced my new strawberry-blonde head. I was live-texting my family/friends the entire experience (pictures to follow). I will admit there was a quick second where I was close to tears, but after it was washed and dried, I was pleased as punch with the new do. 

The lighting is kinda weird in these pictures.. In real life it doesn't really look like any of these. I'm starting to call it my chameleon color because it looks different in every light. From brownish, to redish, to bright blondish... I'm not totally sure what color category it falls under. 

Anyways, here are the pics:   

[ Before ]

After the first trim..

oh yes, they fed me very well. All day!

The color! ...and my lovely robe.


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