Thursday, April 10, 2014


Shout out to this little sis for missing me on National Siblings Day. Such a weird, random holiday, but Emma and I will use any excuse to talk on the phone all day and celebrate being BFFs. In case you forgot how cute we were as children, my darling mother shared this lovely Easter pic to Facebook last week. Thanks so much, Cynth, for allowing me to look like an awkward freak-show child while my younger sister sits there radiating "cool". Story of our lives, right?
Also- why are we dressed in red, white and blue? What holiday are we celebrating!? 

Only 52 more days until Emma's in New York with me and then off to Paris for the summer (lucky gal). And yes, we have a countdown. I'm so excited for the adventures ahead of her. Wishing I could relive those study abroad days.. 

I sure love you, emmmj + I couldn't miss you more!  

** I know, I know, I knoooow. I SUCK at blogging lately. SO much has happened and I have been crazy busy but I swear I have posts drafted and lots of great stories to come. I'm just waiting for life to slow down and let me catch up. 

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