Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is the birthday of the world's greatest man!
If only the whole world knew just how awesome Dr. Jeffrey Jackson was, today would definitely be an international holiday. He is a super hero + he deserves to be treated like a king! Except he would be totally embarrassed and would HATE it if anyone evvvvver gave him special treatment. ha! 

Last year, on his birthday, I wrote this: 

"Jeffer is probably the only guy in the world that works full time as a bad-ass doctor (saving lives), coached soccer + basketball, exercises 3 times a day, attended every school field trip, reads at least a book a week, helped with homework nightly, volunteered as the "computer dad",  biked his daughters home from school in the burley, never missed a dance recital, took us on family vacations, tells hilarious jokes, knows more than an encyclopedia, married the hottest mom in town, has more music than his iTunes can contain, read every word of the Harry Potter series aloud to our family, spent his hard earned money on prom dresses, nail polishes, ladies shoes and jewelry for his girls, annnnd he gives the biggest + warmest hugs ever. Just to name a few..."   

I decided it was worth reposting because it still applies, and yeah, he's the BEST! 

Last night, before I went to bed, I facetimed my family (currently in Arizona) to wish my dad a happy early birthday. Now I'm not normally one to get homesick, but after I hung up the phone I hid under my covers and cried. Really missing my family today - especially Jeffer!

I love you so much, dad! I am so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing father as my role model and best friend. 

Happy birthday!

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