Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Harry Potter

*This is a blog post I wrote on this day last year. I had to repost it because, I just love Harry so much <3 HBD HP!

Falling in love is not uncommon for an eight-year-old little girl. You watch it in the movies, you see it on TV and you read about it in books. At eight, nothing in the world is better than love. 
Many girls search for it, and convince their little selves that they have found it at the first sign of attention from the opposite sex. 
I, however, was quite the opposite. My shy, terrified-of-the-world, anxious self HATED boys, and the more I hated them, the more they seemed to love me. I spent a good amount of elementary school recess hiding in the girls bathroom to avoid boys trying to kiss me. 

There was one dude I kinda liked though... 
This is a blog post dedicated to my first fictional crush. 

Harry Potter.

*Nerd Alert! I am one of those. A "HP" lovin' muggle who attended every midnight premiere (in costume), bought every book the moment it was released and has re-read each of them multiple times. Duh.  
Harry holds my heart. 

In the third grade my teacher, Ms. Bendall, introduced me to the magical world of Harry Potter when she read the first book aloud to our class. I was so obsessed and excited about the story I begged my dad to take me to Barns and Noble to buy our own copy so we could read ahead of the other kids. 

From then on it became our family tradition to read each of the books aloud as a family. For all seven books we pre-ordered and picked-up the moment they were released. This meant staying up until midnight and reading for an entire day straight. I can still hear every word my dad read, and picture all those thousands of pages as they turned - each one more exciting than the last. 

The seventh book was released when I was a senior in high school. We were flying to Seattle as a family and I remember stopping at the book store on the way to the airport at 5:00 am or some odd hour. I was 17 years old and Emma was 15, but by the way we begged Jeffer to stay up and read to us you would think we were five. 

That trip was one of my favorites. Every activity we did, every spot we visited, we brought Harry with us. 

It is all thanks to Harry that I love reading so much today. 
If you're still doubt my love for The Boy Who Lived, read this post. Or these ones

That's enough magic chat for today, I think. Happy birthday Harry Potter - and to you as well, JK. 

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