Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DC Sleeps

This has absolutely been the best summer of my life. Having Emma in New York for the last six weeks has made us 100 times closer, something I didn't even think was possible considering we have been inseparable, best friends since the day she was born. But somehow, our twenties has matured our silly-sister bickering (mostly) and made us appreciate one another more than ever.

She's the only sister I've got, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Last weekend Emma and I road-tripped to Washington DC with Taylor and Chris. The three best travel companions I could ever have asked for. We walked miles and miles and packed as much as we possibly could into our short 48-hour getaway, all in good spirits and high on adventure.

Highlights of the trip // a few inside jokes I need to record for myself:

>> Medium Rare steak dinner
>> Ladling fish bowl vodka to the baes
>> Staying with #UncleMason 
>> Tagging someone else's @UncleMason in all our #hacked Instagrams
>> Ice cream with George & Martha #streetcream
>> Making new friends on the subway
>> Taylor's lost earrings
>> And this man with no shirt:

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