Friday, August 8, 2014

My twelve year old life

Between planning tween-centric events at Small Girls and hanging out with my Big Brothers Big Sisters "little", I have spent a lot of my time lately doing things your average 12 year old might be into... 

>> Last night we got fancy (#ztfancy) with our client Zara Terez and the incredible Jordyn Jones, dancer extraordinaire. Anyone watch Dance Moms? Yep, THAT Jordyn Jones, AKA my mini-me BFF

>> Check out my sweet Zara Terez leggings!!

>> On Saturday Unique (my "Little") and I made up a secret handshake.. 
     *We also have matching shoes. BFF status.

>> Last weekend we saw Aladdin on Broadway and it was absolutely incredible. Disney certainly has a way with musicals. We were laughing hysterically the entire show. I highly recommend it and I will 100% see it again.

BONUS: My favorite human on the planet was in town (just for the night, but still). I was so, so thrilled to see Matty Mey! Only wish he lived closer. 

>> Tonight we are road-trippin' to DC - because Emma and I have never been, and we're totally like: 

Yeah, it's pretty fun being 12 again. 

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