Friday, August 15, 2014

This Gal.

This little post is dedicated to my mamma.

Cynthis is my hero. Seriously though, if I am half the mom she is one day, I will consider myself lucky. Not only is this little gal the queen of Salt Lake City - (seriously, she knows everyone) but she's also my (and Emma's) best friend.

Living with my sister this past month I realized just how often the two of us talk (and brag) about our awesome parents. We worship everything they do, because they are kind of perfect.

The other day my sister was telling my friends stories about my mom and I thought, this stuff really needs to be recorded somewhere.. So here I am.

Cynthis is the kind of lady that wakes up in the morning, decides it's a good day to run a half marathon, signs up, kicks ass, and wins her age group.
Then she hikes 10 miles with my dad.


She is involved with every charity, volunteer organization within 50 miles of her, and she fills her days teaching little kids reading and math. What a superstar, right?

Cynth - I love you! Thanks for being the greatest mom (and human) out there

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  1. she's the cutest! love how much you love your parents :)


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