Friday, November 21, 2014

Be Bonafide

B O N A • F I D E


    1. real, genuine 
 Lets get real- we are not perfect.
The social media world is all about painting that perfect picture. Perfect kids, perfect vacations, perfect makeup, perfect body, and so on. Nowadays with technology at our fingertips we are all striving to portray that flawless image of how we want others to view us.
That is not real life; having struggles is real life. Those struggles have molded us to the people we are today.
BE  B O N A • F I D E is a company started by two girls who have constantly compared themselves to that “perfect” social media world.
But now we want to know what makes you real.
We will be featuring some of our favorite bloggers and social media celebrities to reveal an undocumented side of their lives.
We want to provide an outlet of the raw, unedited footage that everyone can relate to.

Here's the thing about social media, as fun as it is.. It can also really suck sometimes.

Think about it. You're basically picking little snapshots from your life and allowing the whole world a chance to peak into that moment. And that can be totally awesome and amazing, but it's also the perfect way to shift perception. You're saying "here I am!" perfectly happy and beautiful and living my wonderful life where my world is tinted to the Amaro filter.

But that's exactly it, right? BRANDED.

We decide how we want to present ourselves, and stick to it. I like bright whites + pastels. I'm inspired by those I follow and I judge myself based off of what I see on other feeds. And that can be hard on me.

Yesterday, two of my dear friends from Utah State launched a new website based around the idea of the importance of being REAL on our social media. Be Bonafide. 

As a part of launching their site, a few of us have been asked to share our social downfalls - things we aren't proud of that do in posting.

Ready for my dirty little insta secret?
Sometimes I lack gram-fidence (Instagram confidence). I let my "likes" dictate my social media worth. And as a way to cope - I send my sister @emmmj all my pics before I post for approval. Sometimes having an honest opinion validate my posing and editing gives me the [thumbs up] to gram with pride. What's your social media secret? LET'S GET REAL!
Join in on bringing awareness by showing a more real side on social media- check out @bebonafide and support the movement by shopping these T's, inspirational quotes, read stories and much more on their website. ‪#‎letsgetreal‬‪#‎bebonafide‬


Seriously go visit Be Bonafide and Let's Get Real people! 

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  1. love this & agree with every word & can i please move into your room?


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