Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 - a year in Review

Ready for my obligatory New Years post? January is basically over - but I'm determined to publish something...

2014 may have been my favorite year so far. Everyone says that right? "This year was so much better than the last..." yeah, yeah.. I always feel kinda guilty when I write that out, as if the other years are going to hate me for demoting them on my Top 8 of life, but if you really think about it, you'd hope, that if you're moving in the right direction, life would just keep getting better and better (deep thoughts). So yeah - 2014, I loved ya!

Here's how it went down:

January was cold. Really freaking cold. And in February we moved!! In March I de-virginized my dirty blonde locks. April - a tribute to my BFFs - May marked T W O years as a NY resident & June brought a very-merry-mermaid birthday party! July was filled with family, August = Taylor Swift. nothing else could possibly matter. September was fashionable. And with the changing leaves of October we hopped a flight to the beach. In November we were thankful && December welcomed me home.

Yearly Superlatives in book of Annie Land:

>> Favorite Beverage: Seltzer Water. I spend all my $$ on H2O with bubbles
>> Year's Biggest Addiction: Serial
>> Other Biggest Addiction: Adventure Dating
>> Most Spontaneous Moment: 24-hour vacation to The Dominican Republic
>> Best Vacation: Jackson 4 take Ireland (+ video)
>> BESTEST New Friend: Taylor Swift! read all about it.
>> Actual New Best Friend/Sister: Unique
>> Favorite Hair Color: Peachy - PINK
>> Phrases of the year: No, it's Becky. RIP me! #blessed
>> Hottest Couple: Emmmj + LRuud 4EvR

Moments of Fame:

-Taylor Swift (+pics)
-Selfie (+video)
-XO Jane Make-under
-Bill Nye
-Go Jazz!


Utah x2
Washington DC
Rhode Island
Plymouth Rock
The Ranch
Punta Cana

So yeah, that happened.

Thank you, thank you to all you pals that chilled with me in each of the ^^ above places. I love your squishy little faces! Sorry this post is so lame - 2015 is giving me writer's block. But there! It's done. 2014: P E A C E out.


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