Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Can I just start out by saying that I am a very lucky girl to work at Small Girls PR..

As you know from my previous post, I have been in New York (and a member of the Small Girls team) for three years now!! And in that time, some of my very favorite NY memories & experiences have taken place at SGPR.

This company has been my safe space to learn and grow, the team has acted as friends and family to me, and I have had the great privilege to watch from behind-the-scenes as our little startup PR firm has blossomed into the ever-growing company it is today. From a team of 3 >> to 16 full timers! My experience has been unique, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

About a month ago, our team came into work on a Monday morning and found these laying on our keyboards:

Yes - #SGPRspiritweek is a thing. And we really did go to Cancun!!!! #SGPRCANcun

For 4 days, Small Girls operated from the natural sand beaches & crystal clear waters of Cancun, Mexico.  We laughed, we dined, we bonded and danced our way through the resort (we even tricked a few people into thinking we were a professional dance crew!). Thanks, Dream Sands for the fantastic stay. We can’t wait to come back! Until then, peep some of our OOTO pics and views from the dreamy work week.
- Small Girls Tumblr 

(This was our office view !!! )

Clearly I had no problem taking advantage of the open bar... well as the many other amenities offered by the all-inclusive resort:

I could not be more thankful to be part of this family 

***P.S. shout-out to Erica cause she gets MARRIED next week!!! 

She's EMayZing! 

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  1. I am so honored to have made your blog!!! xoxo #prettiestbros


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