Sunday, October 16, 2016

Travel Recap

Summer 2016 my have been the most well-travelled time of my life (other than my study abroad). Eight vacations over five months! Until I typed that out, I honestly hadn't realized just how busy my summer really was! Mini recap below:


Utah - Emma and her boyfriend, Landon, graduated from the University of Utah in May! Chris and I were able to fly to Utah to celebrate their graduation and spend some quality time with my family in the mountains.

Jamaica - Small Girls surprised us with our second annual company retreat (last year we went to Cancun). This year, Jamaica!! Five full days of team bonding with these beauties on the beach.


Orlando - For my 26th birthday I decided there was only one thing I wanted to do to celebrate - go to Harry Potter World! (I'm obsessed - actually watching HP while I type this...). So, on the night of June 16th (my b-day), I hopped on a flight to Orlando and Chris witnessed all of my childhood (and adult) dreams come true.

Lake George- Growing up, camping was such a huge part of our lives. We spent most of our family vacations exploring a new National Park and sleeping under the stars. So, when I moved to New York four years ago, I was curious as to what an East Coast camping trip looked like. This summer we grabbed a tent, and tagged along with friends to Lake George where we boated over to a private island and set up camp. It was magical!


Utah- In July, my amazing client, Chatbooks, who happens to be based in Utah, hosted a press trip in Park City and Small Girls surprised me with a trip to attend the event and spend a weekend with my family. Pretty awesome to combine my work with my home <3

The Hamptons - In my four previous New York summers, somehow I had never managed to make it up to the Hamptons until this summer. And all I can say is, it lived up to the hype. I completely understand now why so many New Yorkers leave The City every single summer weekend to vacation on the beautiful beaches and in the darling Long Island towns.


Jacksonville - Couldn't stay aways from Florida for too long. In August I headed back down to Jacksonville to visit Chris and his cute family.


Austin - At the start of September, Chris flew to Austin for a job interview and I met him there for a weekend of great food, live music, and exploring the city. It was the perfect little weekend getaway.

October is the first month is ages that I'm not going to be spending time in airport security or living out of a suitcase. It was an unbelievable summer, but I am kinda stoked to relax for a few weeks!

Next stop? California road trip in November!!


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